This apparatus is a fire engine. The main purpose of this piece of equipment is to supply water to the firefighters fighting a fire. This apparatus has specialized equipment for many other tasks. Hydraulic extrication tools are carried to cut open a vehicle to get a person out after an accident. Gas detection meters are used to determine the source of carbon monoxide, or a flammable gas. The water tank holds 500 gallons of water. Emergency Medical Supplies are also carried on this engine.


Purchased new in 2015, this engine is designed as the structural fire engine.  This vehicle has seating for six personnel, a low hose bed, 15oo GPM pump, and 780 gallons of water.   It responds on all structural assignments within the fire district.   This engine is also equipped with emergency medical supplies and an automatic external defibrillator.


This apparatus is a ladder truck. It is a “quint” because this ladder truck has a pump and water in addition to the aerial ladder. The ladder is 100 feet long. The water tank holds 500 gallons. The ladder truck also carries equipment for rope rescue.


The ambulance has first aid and medical supplies on it. The ambulance responds to all medical calls. All firefighters are trained to the Emergency Medical Technician Basic level in New York State. There are also automatic external defibrilators and oxygen carried on the ambulance.


The newest addition to the fleet. Manufactured by PL Custom, 41-72 is a Basic Life Support ambulance that responds to medical calls. In addition to medical equipment, the ambulance is set up with firefighting equipment.

Staff Vehicle

This vehicle is used for many tasks. When a firefighter goes to a training class they may take this vehicle. If a firefighter goes out to inspect a building this vehicle may be taken. This vehicle also serves as a backup Command vehicle.

Command Vehicle

This vehicle is driven by the Chief of the District. The back of this vehicle is set up with a drawing board and multiple radios. There are also reference books and other materials to aid in managing an emergency.

Staff Vehicle

This vehicle is used for the same purposes as the other staff vehicle. This vehicle is also used to tow the Fire Prevention Trailer. When flooding occurs in the District it is common for this vehicle to bring small portable pumps around to remove water.