Fire Commissioners are elected officials who oversee the Fire District. For more detail on our elections, see Election Information. The Board of Fire Commissioners is made up of five individuals. This a voluntary position without paid compensation. Commissioners are responsible for determining the fire district’s operating budget. The Board of Commissioners also directly oversees the Chief of the Fire District. Commissioner terms last for five years, the terms are laddered so that a new commissioner is elected each year. Click here to send an email to all commissioners.

Commissioner Term
Andrew Calamari (Chairman) 2017-2021
James R. Doxsey 2014-2018
Michael Lewis 2018-2019
Aldo Milanese (Vice Chairman)  2016-2020
Art Grace 2018-2022

Commissioner meetings are the first Tuesday of every month. The meetings start at 7:00 PM. The meetings are located at the Fairview Firehouse at 258 Violet Avenue in the Town of Poughkeepsie. At this time, the meetings of the Board are held in a location which is not easily accessible to the handicapped. If you have a question about accessibility, please call the District Secretary, Brie Novack, at (845) 452-7453.

Meeting Minutes

The following links contain the minutes of meetings as PDF files for all of the meetings of the Board of Fire Commissioners since April 2008. Regular meetings of the Board are generally held once every month, but occasionally a monthly meeting is skipped. Other types of board meetings are occasionally held as needed.

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