Our Mission

The mission of the Fairview Fire District is to protect lives and property from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies, and exposure to dangerous conditions created either by nature or man. We will respond to emergencies in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner and strive to promote public safety awareness through public education and fire prevention. Ethics and Core Values will remain at the core of every decision made by each member of our Department.

Ethics and Values

Fairview Fire District acknowledges that each Commissioner, Firefighter, and Emergency Medical Technician is in a position of the public trust. As part of this high standard, each department member shall take an active role in promoting and maintaining a professional image of the Fire Department in the course of carrying out their duties. We will strive to be role models to the public and leaders in the community.

To The Public:
We owe it to the public we serve to provide the highest quality of service possible, characterized by a high standard of professionalism. We will continually strive for quality improvement. We will treat every member of the public with which we interact with the utmost dignity and respect.
To The Fire Department:
We owe the Fire District our full commitment and dedication. We will always look beyond the traditional scope of our individual positions to promote teamwork and organizational effectiveness.
To Each Other:
We owe each other a working environment characterized by trust and respect for the individual, fostering open and honest communication at all levels.
To Ourselves:
We owe ourselves personal and professional growth. We will seek new knowledge and greater challenges, and strive to remain at the leading edge of our profession.

Core Values

We are accountable to the public we serve. We will approach every facet of our duty in a professional manner.
The very essence of our duty is to put ourselves in harm’s way for the protection of others. We accept that heightened risk, and will operate in a safe and effective manner.
We will put forth our best effort each and every day, and strive to improve our readiness and capability at all times.
We will strive to work together to ensure that our department makes a positive impact on the community we serve.

Expected Department Organizational Structure

The Fairview Fire District’s fire department is a combination fire department, consisting of career and volunteer personnel. The department is overseen by a board of five (5) Fire Commissioners, who are unpaid officials elected by the public. Officers include a Secretary and a Treasurer.

The firefighting force will consist of a career Fire Chief, who acts pursuant to New York State Town Law Section 176-a. The Chief will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Fire Department, as well as any other responsibilities required by law. The Chief will also serve as incident commander at large-scale incidents. When the fire department or any company or squad thereof is on duty, no member of the board of fire commissioners may interfere with the duties of chief or assistant chief.

Two Safety Officers serve at the discretion of the Board of Fire Commissioners and the Fire Chief.

The Fairview Fire District will also seek to deploy a minimum of four (4) career firefighters/officers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to respond to emergencies. This will be accomplished with an anticipated staffing minimum of one (1) career Fire Captain/MTO, three (3) career Fire Lieutenants, and twelve (12) career Firefighters.

Members of the Fairview Fire Company, the Volunteer Division of the Fairview Fire District, will supplement the career staff. Volunteer Personnel will be confirmed by the Board of Fire Commissioners after their election into the Fairview Fire Company.

The Volunteer Fire Captain will oversee training and compliance to rules of all Volunteer Firefighters. The Volunteer Fire Captain will be assisted by 1-2 Volunteer Fire Lieutenants. The Volunteer Rescue Captain will oversee training and compliance to rules of all Volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians. The Fairview Fire District expects to maintain an active roll of 15-20 volunteer members who will operate as interior and exterior firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and fire police officers.

Training of Department Staff

Initial Training

Unless previously certified, all newly hired career firefighters will attend the NYS Fire Academy for Recruit Firefighter Training as soon as possible upon their appointment, or within one year of their appointment, as outlined in NYCRR Part 426, section 426.5. All career firefighters will also be required to complete Emergency Medical Technician- Basic Training within one year of appointment.

Unless previously certified, all new volunteer members will attend Firefighter I (interior firefighters), Scene Support Operations (exterior firefighters), Emergency Medical Technician, or Basic Fire Police Training within one year of membership. Interior Firefighters are expected to complete additional coursework set forth by the Fire District to gain interior status.

Continuing Training

All department members will be expected to keep Fire and EMS training and certifications current.

Annual OSHA, Blood borne Pathogens, Right-To-Know: All department support staff, employees, and members will be required to complete 8-hours of in-service training to the above topics.

Fire Training: Career firefighters will meet the NYS annual 100 hour training requirement, as outlines in Part 426.7 of the Minimum Standards for Firefighting Personnel in the state of New York, through a combination of outside classes, on-duty training, and district drills as scheduled. Volunteer members will receive ongoing training though a combination of outside training classes, on-duty training with the career staff, as well as attendance of district drills.

EMS Continuing Education: All Members will be afforded the opportunity to utilize internal and external Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities to keep EMS Certifications Current. In certain instances, members will be approved to attend Re-Certification classes on an as-needed basis.

The type of training provided to fire department members shall include but not be limited to: hands on training, class room training, in house training, local government led training, state fire academy and outreach training, National Fire Academy courses, training led by outside vendors, out of state training, and any other training approved by the commissioners as related to the fire department’s mission.

Training of Fire Commissioners

All fire commissioners will attend training classes to learn and stay current with their roles and responsibility as required by New York State Law.

Department Functions

The Fairview Fire District will operate in a fashion that will provide Fire, Medical, and Rescue response to emergencies primarily in the Fairview Fire District, in the Towns of Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park, NY. The Fire District will also provide response and receive response aide to and from surrounding areas according to the Dutchess County Mutual Aid Plan.

The functions that the department is to perform are as follows:

    1. Interior Firefighting
    1. Scene Support
    1. Rehabilitation
    1. Auto Extrication
    1. Emergency Medical Services
    1. Fire Police/Traffic Control
    1. Basic Trench, awareness level
    1. Rope Rescue, awareness level
    1. HazMat, operations level


The Men and Women of the Fairview Fire District, through their efforts, strive to provide the highest level of service and education to the public. The public, in essence is our customer, and the satisfaction of our customer will be kept at the forefront of our activities. We will embrace our ethics and core values while providing a high level of service in a manner that is fiscally prudent, and strives to minimize the adverse effects of emergency situations that occur in the Fairview Fire District.

Adopted by Board of Fire Commissioners 6/7/2011