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The Fairview Fire District dates back to December 8, 1910. On December 8, 1910 the first meeting was held to organize the Fairview Fire Company. Just a few days later, on December 15th, the Fairview Fire Company was established to provide fire protection to the Fairview section of the Town of Poughkeepsie.

On February 11, 1929, the Fairview Fire District was created and with that the first paid firefighter, Sal Lozier, was hired. Over the years, as the volunteer ranks diminished and the district became more developed, more paid firefighters were hired. Unfortunately today there are even less volunteer firefighters. The paid firefighters were used to respond with the apparatus immediately and then volunteers would meet them at the scene. Over time less and less volunteers showed up and there was a need to increase staffing. In 1990, the Fairview Fire Company started a rescue squad. The rescue squad was operated by volunteer EMTs. Over time the demand for the ambulance and a lack of volunteers led to the career staff operating the ambulance during certain hours and then eventually 24 hours a day. Presently, the 16 career staff is comprised of 12 firefighter/EMTs, 4

Lieutenants and 1 Captain. Career staff is on duty every day of the year, operating in four-man groups, working 10-hour day shifts and 14-hour night shifts. In addition to the career staff, the district employs a full-time Career Chief and a part-time secretary. Advanced Life Support services are provided by Mobile Life Support Services.

Fairview provides Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services for the northern section of the Town Of Poughkeepsie and the southern portion of the Town of Hyde Park. Our district is approximately four and a half square miles in size and encompasses two colleges, two hospitals, two elementary schools, State and County facilities, industrial facilities, residences, numerous day-care centers, and a three-mile section of the Hudson River. Fairview also has pre-planned mutual aid agreements with the City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department, Arlington Fire District, Roosevelt Fire District, Hyde Park Fire District, and the Pleasant Valley Fire District.

The four firefighters per shift staff two engines, one ladder truck, and two ambulances. If there is a fire or possible fire, one engine and the ladder truck respond. There are two firefighters on the engine and two on the ladder. If two of the firefighters are out on an ambulance call when a fire call comes in, only two firefighters are responding on the engine and the ladder truck does not get out. Since there is no one left to respond with the ladder truck, mutual aid must be called from the City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department. If all of the career firefighters are out on two separate ambulance calls, which is common, and a fire call comes in, then mutual aid must handle the fire call. This problem goes the other way also. If the four career firefighters are out on a fire call when an ambulance call comes in, mutual aid must be called to handle the ambulance call.

The career firefighters work very closely with the volunteer firefighters. The Fairview Fire District always needs more volunteers. To learn about becoming a volunteer, select Volunteer.

Firefighters do a lot more than just respond to emergencies. Firefighters spend their time in between alarms checking over their equipment, training, educating the public and much more.

Contact Us
Station (Firefighters)

District Secretary,
Samanatha Juan
Fax: 845-452-0552
Email for Secretary

For questions or concerns about the Fairview Fire District, please
e-mail Chief Justin Bohlmann
Our Location
Fairview Fire District
258 Violet Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1236
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